Zia (Alex) Healy Mythic Stylist / Prince of Shears

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Level 5 Mythic/Assistant Manager

Being raised by a hippie-turned-punk mom and a raver dad, Zia is a laid back person with strong roots in alternative music, fashion, and film. Before finding their true calling in hair styling, Zia started off as a film student. Holding on to their passion for film and everything alternative, Zia draws inspiration from old movies and popular culture for their haircuts.

They specialize in clean, classic barber cuts, tight fades, and hair tattoos, but have passion for hair of all lengths! They also love soft melts as well as bright colour designs. Whether you’re looking for a fade, vintage inspired ‘do, or to keep it a little more modern, Zia will hook you up!

In their free time, Zia likes chillin’ at home with their cats, playing SNES, or watching Ghibli movies; if they’re feeling extra spunky, you might find ’em out at a local show. Zia is also an active member of the LGBTQ community and takes part in local fundraisers and events whenever possible.

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