Chevy Dalman Rare Stylist / Cottagecore Grandparent

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Level 2 Rare

Chevy is a quiet person but don’t mistake that shy guy vibe! From a young age they have been coming up with different looks and planning on how to make them happen.

Education and experimentation are two of the major reasons they started practising hair 3 years ago. Their inspiration comes the classic 70’s rockers and hippies from big shaggy mullets to the classic bowl cut. When it comes to colour, anything is possible! Fashion colours and odd placements bring them so much joy. The weirder, the better!

In Chevy’s everyday life you can catch them watching a variety of different genres of movies and shows but particularly anything spooky.

They love discussing all possibilities of the supernatural and odd occurrences. Or you can spot them binge playing Animal Crossing and improving their island.

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