Kimiko Watanabe Epic Stylist / Arcane Trickster

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Level 3 Epic

A graduate of Blanche MacDonald, Kimiko has a background in competition training for colour, up styling, and cutting events and is excited to specialize in razor cuts, up styles, braiding, balayage, and curly hair cutting techniques.

Kimiko has had her fair share of side-quests and adventures. Much like the strong female heroine of your favourite romantic comedy novel, she spent years traveling independently overseas on a journey of character growth and self discovery. Only in this story, the only romance was with a piraña that made the first move. He’ll have a piece of her forever.

As an avid backpacker and past technical theatre major, she enjoys pulling inspiration from her art background and experiences around the world to create dynamic and fun looks to fit each individual client. From hair tattoos to balayage, Kimiko is always looking for a fun challenge. When she’s not spelunking, surfing, or chasing after a bus she most definitely left her passport on, Kimiko enjoys gaming, watching 80s horror movies, (if the blood shoots out looking like blood, is it even blood?) or screaming at true crime documentaries.

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